Product-Led Growth Week 5th Edition

Join select Seed-Stage Startups to work hands-on with TheVentureCity Dream Team remotely, December 13th-17th.

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Our team has worked  in companies such as

Why Participate In Product-Led Growth Week?

This invite-only event is an opportunity for you and your leadership team to learn more about TheVentureCity’s Product-Led Growth methodology. We will discuss how your product can be the main driver of growth and why startups like Slack, Dropbox, Zoom and others use this approach.

Product-Led Growth Week consists of daily interactive group sessions and a 1:1 review of your company’s historic and current performance organized by TheVentureCity’s Data Team.

Using the Growth Scanner, a proprietary data tool, our data team helps you understand the health and growth of your product, where to focus your time and resources, and how your product compares with other top performing companies in your sector.

Discover How To Get Your Startup
To These Kinds Of Results:

You Will Learn How We Think About Things Like…

  • Moving quickly

  • Designing the product in a user-centric way

  • Making the product the centerpiece of the go-to market strategy

  • Acquiring and retaining customers

  • Making data-driven decisions

  • Fundraising

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Discover how your product can be the main driver of growth and why this approach has been used by successful startups like Slack, Dropbox, Zoom and many others.

The Week Is Cash
And Equity Free

Meet The Speakers

Laura González-Estéfani
Founder & CEO
David Smith
VP, Data & Analytics
Jimena Zubiria
VP, People and Comms
Luis Guzmán
Growth Marketing Lead
Elizabeth Piñon
VP, Product
Andy Areitio
General Partner, Fund | Americas
Andrés Fajardo
VP, Product
Francesca de Quesada Covey
Partner, First Ticket
Ricardo Sangion
Partner, First Ticket

What companies are saying about us

Shail Mehta

The Last Gameboard Inc.

TheVentureCity took our vision and amplified it. The team is very open, transparent and really listens to support you.

Guillaume Cohen-Skalli

Paloma Health

Building a company is hard enough, we want to do it with people we are excited to be working with. It is not only about skills and connections, it is also about having fun working together.

Iñaki García


On the one hand there are investment funds and on the other hand, people who belong to a team with funds to invest. TheVentureCity is the second case and what makes it unique. There is no better partner for your Startup.

Michel Francis


It’s the level of talent of the team at TheVentureCity. It was a really great experience to get that knowledge and pick their brains on, what worked and what didn’t work.